Community-building has been how I make a living since 2010. It's been how I live since I began making conscious decisions.

How do I make a living building communities?

  1. I build communities that people value, and they pay for that value.
  2. I support other people who are building communities, and they pay for that support.

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Communities I'm building:

Climate Friends → A community for people who care about climate change.


I launched Climate Friends in May 2021, after building the tech stack in Makerpad's no-code fundamentals course. Community membership is growing 110% month-over-month; 20% of members have chosen a paid tier. #BuildInPublic *updated Aug 10, 2021

Boulder Beta → A community for climate-focused startups in Colorado.


I founded Boulder Beta in 2011. We support people and startups who are addressing the climate crisis. Since 2011, we've hosted 22 events in partnership with 25 different organizations and showcased 201 startups.

Tribal Wisdom → An international non-profit empowering knowledge-holders to illuminate our path back to sustainable, traditional ways of life.


I serve as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors at Tribal Wisdom. I moved into my current role, after a year of volunteerism building strategies and models to inform a roadmap to financial sustainability.

Work on Water →. A community building water-awareness and catalyzing water conservation projects and practices.


I launched Work on Water from my participation in the X Genesis Climate & Water startup studio in March 2021. "WoW" was also accepted into and taken through the startup studio. Currently, this project is on cruise control, while others take priority.

Communities I've helped build:

Climate Changemakers → A community for taking collective climate action to elect climate candidates and enact climate policy.


I joined the Climate Changemakers community the week they launched, took on a team-lead role after two months of participation, and eventually co-led the community strategy, as the organization matured from a group of volunteers to an incorporated non-profit.

The DigitalOcean community → A community of technologists, educators, and entrepreneurs building software in the cloud.


At DigitalOcean, I was the Director of Community. I led a globally distributed team of ~20 community-builders, educators, organizers, and advocates. We managed a global community that supported the company's Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2021.

The SendGrid developer community → A community of software developers and startup founders building with APIs*.


At SendGrid, I was the 6th employee, built the marketing department, and then created the Community (aka, "Dev Rel") program. The company grew to 250 employees during my tenure, and the team I led grew to 15 folks, who worked from eight cities on four continents. SendGrid had a successful IPO before being acquired for $3 billion by Twilio.

*API = Application Programming Interface