Community Transformation and Resilience: Required Skills for the Climate Crisis

🔦 Description

CMX, the community for community-builders, invited me to talk about integrating climate consciousness into community teams and strategies. In this session, we meditated together to connect with nature. We looked at climate science to understand the current outlook and illuminated the inherently interrelated nature of the climate crisis, our communities, and our roles as community professionals/teams.

We acknowledged two (of many) realities:

  • climate change is affecting - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically - every member of our communities;
  • the range, depth of danger, and trauma that community members face vary based on their economic status, race, religion, nationality; and BIPOC communities are disproportionately impacted.

We considered the idea that community professionals are uniquely positioned to lead our programs and organizations to use "climate-centric design thinking" -- a lens through which we can devise scientifically informed, socially empathetic strategies to support our communities.

We discussed: Reflections on what we’ve learned about the climate; our personal climate experiences; ways to support community members through the challenges of climate change.

Participants also received a curated list of climate-specific resources to learn, find community, take action, and find support as they continue their climate journey.

📼 Video Recording