from: the heart 💌  {#five}

from: the heart 💌 {#five}

May we find balance.
May 31, 2021
Aug 11, 2021 6:16 AM

"It's all about balance"

These are my father’s words. He has given me this reminder at times in my life when I needed to hear it. It’s one of the first sayings that come to mind when I think of wisdom that has been passed on to me by my elders.

And yet as emphatically as I understand it, intellectually speaking, balance remains an ever-elusive goal that I'm constantly eyeing and pursuing...seldom embracing it for a few fleeting moments, before it slips away again until next time.

The month is at its end, and here I am squeaking in May's edition of the newsletter just before June hits the Gregorian calendar. One may venture to conclude that balance has allude me since the last edition of this publication...and one would be correct.

The thing about balance

This month, I was reminded that I can bring my life into a state of imbalance by doing too much of something I love even when it's a good, healthy, positive thing.

I recognized that I tend to approach balance from a different direction: trying to avoid doing too much of something that I love because it's a bad, unhealthy, negative thing — like too much caffeine or sugar.

Good-thing takeover

I mentioned last time that I had enrolled in an online course to learn no-code. Well, I jumped in to it, and I jumped in deep. We just completed the 5-week course, and I'm still jazzed. I learned and created SO MUCH and connected with a supportive community. I brought to life ideas that have been brewing as visions in my head and scribbles in notebooks. Now they're tangible and accessible, so others can co-create them with me. This experience has opened doors of possibility for me and given me a sense of empowerment as an entrepreneur.

But, all that awesome had its tradeoff: balance.

So enthralled by this work, I neglected other aspects of life that also bring me joy and contribute to my well-being: time with family, exercise, meditation practice, making music, and eating meals.

I consciously decided to work through lunch and not eat, and my internal conversation left me convinced that it was okay. I was exploring a passion and being creative; and that's always healthy...right?

I ignored the requirements for balance, which led to imbalance. And ultimately, as I believe a student of Buddhism would point out, imbalance leads essentially to suffering. I would concur.

Reel it back*

One of the beauties of this whole life thing is its cyclicality. Each day and each week is a cycle; an iteration; a do-over (almost). To find balance again, we iterate our way back to the middle, with balanced doses of the medicines that make us well and content.

In June, I may find myself going too deep into my next learning experience (see Tim-bits below for more). If so, I will do my best to remember May and do the things I know will balance me.

*Dad is also a big fisherman. 🎣

This is my dad, Steve. He is currently healing from a hip-replacement surgery, so if you know him give him a shout and some loving support!
This is my dad, Steve. He is currently healing from a hip-replacement surgery, so if you know him give him a shout and some loving support!