from: the heart 💌  {#four}

from: the heart 💌 {#four}

Earth Day 2021
Apr 22, 2021
Aug 11, 2021 6:16 AM

Happy Earth Day!

In adulthood, a lot of holidays — Easter and Valentine's Day, for example — have lost the luster that I saw in them as a kid. Not due to a lack of sweet tooth (still have that!), but a consequence of becoming aware of the underpinnings of such holidays: commercialism, materialism, and consumption for corporate gain. 🤮 


Earth Day, however, is an exception. In fact, the glow of Earth Day, Earth Week, and Earth Month has perennially shined brighter in my eyes. 🤩 

Nowadays, adult-Tim is as excited on Earth Day morning as child-Tim was on Easter morning, when he woke to search for a basket of candy accompanied by either a pair of socks or a cool t-shirt, which was hidden somewhere in our midst. Hell, I was more stoked about Earth Day today than I was about 4/20 two days ago. 😂 Earth Day Every Day

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the occasion has been about environmental activism, action, and community. offers a thorough history of the movement’s roots, and shows you what they're up to today, this month, and throughout the year between Earth Days.

For me, Earth Day is also about honoring and celebrating Mother Earth.  At this time last year, I undertook a project and called it Earth Day Every Day. Each day, from April 23 to May 19, I picked a particular aspect of nature (e.g., antsfungisagebrush), researched and reflected on it, and shared my findings and reflections through a written journal entry and a video. The project even inspired community members to submit their own Earth Day Every Day celebrations

As part of your Earth Day 2021 celebration, I invite you to check out all the journal entries and videos from Earth Day Every Day 2020, and consider your own Earth Day Every Day celebration — you can do it any day of the year and share it with the rest of us, if you feel compelled.

Mo’ action, mo’ progress

When I feel into Earth Day 2021, action and progress are the vibes I get. 

Just this morning all of this happened:

  • Joe Biden hosted a virtual climate summit of nations and committed the US to cutting our emissions in half by 2030 — an aggressive and achievable goal that scientists say is necessary.
  • Greta Thunberg testified to the US House of Representatives and told them that the government’s practice of subsidizing fossil fuel companies with our taxes is a “disgrace”.
  • The US House passed a bill to grant statehood to Washington, DCIf (and that’s a big “if”) this passes the Senate and is ultimately approved, we could have a majority of Congress who are willing to act on the climate crisis, opening new possibilities for climate policy.

Personally, my pursuit of a career in climate is moving along. I'm preparing for the next steps in my entrepreneurial journey, as I further explore opportunities to address the water crisis.