Notion Resume Template

Notion Resume Template

I recently updated my resume and accomplished a previously-set goal of creating it with Notion. 🎉

I had attempted this a few months ago for the last iteration of my resume and, unhappy with the results, eventually fell back to using a web-based resume generator. 👎

Now, fully immersed in #NoCode, I was determined to create a clean, simple resume with Notion. 🤓

Pretty happy with the results, I thought I'd turn my resume into a resume template that's usable and hopefully useful to others.

This is the first version of the template. I'll improve upon it and release new versions in the future, including more thoughtful guidance into the sections that currently offer little more than lorem ipsum.


*productizing this was part of a learning exercise for my no-code fundamentals course with Makerpad. In this exercise, I learned how to create a product with Gumroad and integrate the buying experience into my Super-powered Notion site.